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Minas Morgul - Kult (DigiCD)

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Minas Morgul - Kult (DigiCD)
Minas Morgul - Kult (DigiCD)
How could you celebrate the 20-year band anniversary with loyal fans better than with a colossal work like this? MINAS MORGUL has four key words: „Kult“! In 2017, the Brandenburger sons of hate crush their incredibly expressive Pagan Black Metal not only with the most productive vehemence in the dark universe, but it is also as multifaceted as never before. The new, bang-up sound of this sixth album carries the new hammersongs on omnipotent wings of soundscapes, which is a great addition to all elements. With the usual iron determination, the material glows out of pure idealism, forged by immense obsession, with all the original ideas and melodies flying like giant sparks into the ear. The perfidious recipe of the fatalmurderous rhythm on „Kult“ consists mainly of brawny destructiveness, relentless driving sharpness and controlled rapid staccato outbursts. Pure precision! „Kult“, deep in the soul tough and uncompromising, breathes in many moments a wonderful, epic expanse. MINAS MORGUL rise triumphantly to a theatrical size, which draws its food from primordial force and Teutonic rage. The whole is crowned by a casual Nordic coolness, which makes majestic feelings rise high. As a guest vocalist Robse from Equilibrium in „Nur eine Kugel“ gives the throaty honor. A lasting impressive spectacle!

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