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Mithotyn - Carved in Stone (3CD)

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Mithotyn - Carved in Stone (3CD)
Mithotyn originating from Sweden was formed in 1992 as a blackened death metal act under the name Cerberus. After one year, they renamed themselves to Mithotyn. As Mithotyn, they would not release an album until 1997. Much of the material featured on the three albums of their career were previously composed or featured on one of their previous demos. Mithotyn released three albums: In the Sign of the Ravens followed by King
of the Distant Forest, and finishing with Gathered Around the Oaken Table in 1999. Mithotyn officially dissolved in 1999 while the band members eventually formed Falconer (Metal Blade) and King of Asgard (Metal Blade).

In the Sign of the Ravens is the first studio album by the Viking metal band Mithotyn. First released in 1997 on Invasion Records and Death Records in the US (a part of Metal Blade).

King of the Distant Forest is the second studio album by the Viking metal band Mithotyn. Initially released on Invasion Records in 1997 and in the United States through Death Records (part of Metal Blade) Gathered Around the Oaken Table is the third and final album released by viking metal band Mithotyn. First issued in 1999 on Invasion Records and Soundholic in Japan In general one could say Mithotyn has still a very big reputation when it comes to Pagan and Viking related (black/death) metal, possibly it would classify as a Cult band, among the first wave of Scandinavian bands to
use the Viking/Pagan image so popular and common these days.

For fans of: Amon Amarth, Thyrfing, Moonsorrow, Enslaved, Finntroll, Einherjer

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