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NOTHGARD - The Sinner's Sake (Digipak)

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NOTHGARD - The Sinner's Sake (Digipak)
Founded in 2008 by singer and lead guitarist Dom R. Crey, NOTHGARD drag along
the winning ways since their debut album “Warhorns Of Midgard” from 2011. The
high technical quality of their guitar work and the epic orchestration of their Melodic
Death Metal elates fans and critics alike. In 2014, the band released another epic
milestone of deadly Metal, memorable melodies and influences from both neo-classical
and folk music called “Age Of Pandora”. In the meantime, NOTHGARD became
members of the NoiseArt Records family, who will escort their new masterpiece
“The Sinner‘s Sake” on the band‘s way to the top of the Melodic Death Metal throne.
Starting with an imposing blockbuster intro, “The Sinner‘s Sake” bestirs itself as a
fantastic giant. Deadly riffs meet playful, catchy lead guitars, while the epic orchestration
arranges for a cinematic atmosphere that will bring goosebumps to your skin!
Completed by Dom R. Crey‘s raw vocals, NOTHGARD‘s sound is both stormy-spectacular
and full of a sublime atmosphere. The top-class guest list on “The Sinner‘s
Sake” adds another special mark to the album. No one less than guitar virtuoso
Jeff Loomis (guest solo in “Iron Sights”), Jen Majura (guest vocals in “Sin Eater” and
“Draining Veins”) and Robert “Robse” Dahn (additional growls in “Death Unites”) do
NOTHGARD the honor and leave their marks on the respective songs.
Fact: With “The Sinner‘s Sake”, NOTHGARD set off into the most spectacular chapter
in the band‘s history so far. The songs that are peppered with cinematic elements
will show NOTHGARD‘s intoxicating vibe on an entirely different level both in the
stereo system and live on stage.
“The Sinner‘s Sake” was recorded and mixed by the band itself. The third NOTHGARD
album will be released 16. September 2016 via NoiseArt Records.
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