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Omela - The Crystal Side (CD)

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Omela - The Crystal Side (CD)
Year: 2016
Country: Russia
Format: CD
Genre: Folk Metal

Musical style of OMELA can be described as middle temp atmospheric prog-rock, where you can find the synthesis of classical sound with doom reefs and progressive with folk themes. Musical material, based on remarkable arrangement, memorable themes of versatile guitar fragments, inspirefull parts of trumpet, sax and modulation of harp sounds, lets listener enjoy inexhaustible potential of group.
Every show of OMELA makes audience experience emotional theatric pageant, full of musical and poetical shapes. This is a play of charming, hypnotic, changing melodies, strong and unforgettable vocal, consummate mastery of each of musician.

1 Night inspiration
2 Memory of Birch Bark
3 The Book of Herbs
4 Premiere
5 Honey Rivers
6 Slow Poison
7 The Cornelian
8 Dissapointment
9 The Crystal Side
10 Bullfinch
11 Snowstorm Temple
12 River of Quietness
13 Secret Surface Of Nav'
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