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RAVEN THRONE - As the Shadow through Death (CD)

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RAVEN THRONE - As the Shadow through Death (CD)
Cold Pagan Black Metal aus Russland. Release 2008.
Following the paths of old winter, into the lost woods, like a shade through death and agony of a modern days... So hopeless, so desolate... Ancient memory of nature and primeval instincts of man unity. Voice from the past reached through darkness. Traditions of the best northern bands. The drizzling, rainy sound veil is pierced with splashes in far peals. Noise intros from beyond pass in forcing gloom dense riffs. Successful atmospheric support of the keyboard shades the basic line. A screaming vocal is full of Northern screaming. Powerful analogies with Darkthrone and Immortal, with an slightly touch Primordial and Graveland - as strokes-reminders about Slavic and Celtic melodism. Label Gardarika Musikk presents you this album "As the Shadow through Death".
1. Step into Emptiness
2. By the Fragile Thread of Time
Like a Failing Pulse
4. It Will Come…
5. A lifeless One
6. Follow the Paths of Old Winter Days
Beyond the Horizon
Frozen Hall of Stars Cradle
9. A Night's Reborn
10. The Echo of Glorious Victories

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