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SHAMBLESS - Menra Eneidalen (CD)

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SHAMBLESS - Menra Eneidalen (CD)
the new album of Bulgarian atmospheric folk metal band SHAMBLESS. This album has limited edition in Bulgaria in 2011. Now "Menra Eneidalen" is available worldwide via Stygian Crypt distribution.
This release has an ambitious task – not only to bring some interesting atmospheric metal to the listener, but also to tell seven different fairy tales. Behind every song lies a different story, a different tale. That is why, every song has a slightly different sound and structure from the others.During the recordings of the album, for every single track are used different guitar effects, different vocals and even different drums.
All songs are based on the typical for the band elfish concept, except the one called “Ara” which is based on a traditional Bulgarian folklore song, from Rhodopa Mountain.

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