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Skiltron - Legacy of Blood (Digi-CD)

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Skiltron - Legacy of Blood (Digi-CD)
The fifth album „Legacy Of Blood“ shows the musical fortunes of the Argentine Celtic Folk Metal legation in absolute perfection. Finally, the thoughtful tracks of current successor for the 2013 published plate „Into The Battle Ground“ showcases also a playing level at its best. And the 2004 in the metropolis of Buenos Aires founded power-troupe provides on compositional terrain the pure variety! With bulging blown bagpipes and lively purred Tin Whistle the extremely playful guys around singer Martin McManus round their new songs in stylish manner. The Scottish sounding sound is typical for the frequently striking battle sound of SKILTRON, which remind on „Legacy Of Blood“ often times on the British genre pioneers Skyclad. The contagious bubbly made opener „Highland Blood“ sets the blood-red thread, on which also the remaining material in its full catchiness is stringing strikingly homogeneous. The as wild as pleasurable and precise galloping guitar playing of co-vocalist Emilio Souto is wholeheartedly committed to the natural-organic sound of his horde. But also individual echoes of giants like Iron Maiden get introduced as a matter of course. Ultimately, SKILTRON with its nine dewy and partly emphasizes adult rocking 'compositions offer sophisticated and timeless Folk Metal class across the board. SKILTRON convince after „The Clans Have United“ (2006), „Beheading The Liars“ (2008), „The Highland Way“ (2010) and the aforementioned „Into The Battleground“ this time more than ever.

"SKILTRON has its own musical identity! Very, very good performance!" - Kaosguards (F), 18/20

"Typical of Skiltron’s music is the mix of folk and power metal, clean singing, bagpipes and most of all: catchiness!" - Folk Metal (NL)

"This album confirms the value of this band!" - Secrets Of Steel (IT), 4/5

"Anyone familiar with their back catalogue will find plenty to like on 'Legacy Of Blood'!" - Distorted Sound (UK)

"Another step forward in the career of these Argentine warriors!" - Dioses Del Metal (E)

"This band are going from strength to strength! Here we have guitar (and bagpipe!) riffs that Running Wild would kill for, all the double-kick energy and power metal of Elvenking, the folk frivolity of Finntroll, combined with the bombast and melody of Skyclad!" - Ave Noctum (UK)

"Rousing folk metal! Great album!" - Rockportaal (NL)

"A really fine album with good sound and melodies to sing along to!" - Heavymetal.dk (DK)

"'Legacy Of Blood' presents a more mature band from every point of view!" - Metallus (IT)

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