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Stozhar - Glory To Perun ! (CD)

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Stozhar - Glory To Perun ! (CD)
Stozhar's lyrics are in Russian and the vocals are shared by Yarosvet (male) and Evgenia (female). Yarosvet's responsibility is to snarl like a vicious troll while Evgenia brings softly sung, clean vocals to balance things out and bring lightness to Stozhar's otherwise surprisingly dark, ominous and at times even melancholic Folk Metal. Stozhar has many fast, up-tempo moments within the band's easy-flowing Folk Metal however they give plenty of space to the bagpipe, violin and flute in the mid-tempo parts. Glory to Perun! is a grand example of a well-crafted Folk Metal album, sort of. All the basic elements of Folk Metal can be found on this album which should be enough for the fans of this genre. (metalcrypt.com)

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