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Tarabas - Das neue Land (Digi CD)

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Tarabas - Das neue Land (Digi CD)
Tarabas - Das neue Land (Digi CD)
On 26 February the german band TARABAS released their second CD. With their combination of melodic Pagan / Death, and her love for traditional Heavy Metal, inviting this new work called "The New Land" for a journey to a bygone day. Again the songs tell stories of old times, without dipping into  the typical themes of Norse mythology and other pagan stories. Tarabas have created their own harsh world - a music album on which the term "metal" is still praised as he once was and the old virtues of a new raw form of expression in 12 epic gloomy titles is celebrated! This new disc comes in terms of front cover and booklet of the finest layout, therefore, is what the music means: War and to strengthen thoughtful lyrics already generated combative frame of mind in addition
Folkmetal.at 12/15
Monstersandcritics.de 5,5/6
Heavyhardes.de 5/6
The-pit.de 7/10
Bleeding4metal.de 8/10
Myrevelations.de 11/15
Metalearth.de 7/10
Powermetal.de 8,5/10
Obliveon.de 8/10
Metalnews.de 5,5/7
Rock Tribune 70/100

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