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FANGORN - Where the Tales Live On (CD)

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FANGORN - Where the Tales Live On (CD)
Album: Where The Tales Live On
Genre: Folk Viking Metal, mehrstimmig
Country: Russia

...Stormbringer’ is an nice solid track, which has Finnish folk-elements besides the symphonic elements. I’s a little bit in the style of bands like Ensiferum and Turisas, without sounding like them. And indeed when I’m looking at the album information it turns out to be mixed in Finland, and this can be heard at once. The journey through the land where tales live on continues and when the storm has driven them to Sirens’ Island it’s time for some Russian singing. And despite the fact, the track is called ‘The Road to Stonehenge’ the company on it is Russian. And they travel merry it seems, the happiness is dripping out of the loudspeakers and the accordion-like keys give the song this nice ‘trolly’-sound.
‘Swamp Feast’ is a dark and grim song, where the troll-element has again a prominent part. After an instrumental intermezzo we get the title-track of this album and then the trolls seemed to have found their destiny. And a song with tavern in the song-title can only be a happy one, when when it also has troll in it, you can almost imagine the sound of it. The story is nicely wrapped up with the ‘Last Way’. The buyer of this album also gets a small encore with the track ‘Крепкое Пиво Троллей’, a live version of the track from the first album. (folk-metal.nl)

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