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Limited First Edition Digipak

The brand new FINSTERFORST EP tears apart all genre boundaries in a totally unconventional way with outrageous fun. With a concentrated amount of pure love for music, "#YOLO" is ear popping. The four brand new songs plus five extremely unusual cover songs  chosen show crazy experimentation from the band: From Miley Cyrus and K.I.Z. to Michael Jackson, "#YOLO" has so much to offer! As Lemmy already clearly stated: “This entire generation seems to have become pussies, you know? Nobody seems to enjoy themselves much anymore." You’ve never experienced FINSTERFORST this way before. Love it or leave it, there’s nothing in between!

1 Bottle Gods
2 Auf die Zwölf
4 Hangover
5 Wrecking Ball
6 Beat it
7 Der durch die Scheibeboxxxer
8 Flasche leer
9 Das schlimmste ist, wenn das Bier alle ist
10 Wild Rover

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