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Fangorn - Inferno (Mini-CD)

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Fangorn - Inferno (Mini-CD)
Fangorn - Inferno (Mini-CD)
Beginning concert activity in 2008, now FängörN takes one of the leading places among the variety of folk metal scene in St. Petersburg. For long time band is a well-deserved leader among Russian folk groups.In the asset of group - 8 years of activity, the two studio albums. Geography of regular gigs is constantly expanding and has long moved beyond his native city.
     The first FängörN’s album «Mysterious Land» (2009) was mixed Anssi Kippo, known for his work with Children of Bodom, Impaled Nazarene, Norther, To / Die / For, in the Finnish studio Astia-Studios, and was released on the German label Purity Through Fire. Album immediately received positive feedback from the media and the audience, and the band's sound has caused comparison with the main "vikings" of folk metal Ensiferum. However, after the release of the second, the concept album «Where The Tales Live On» (2012), which was released on the Russian label Sound Age, it became clear that the band already has its own recognizable style and at the same time - a lot of musical ideas that are organically weaved together. So, on the album «Where The Tales Live On» flute, violin and percussion successfully complete the "classic" set of musical instruments, but certainly not lead away from the best traditions of heavy metal. New FangorN EP Inferno was released on the 6th of February 2016. After listening to EP it becomes clear: now Fangorn adheres of some ideas of eco-anarchism. Main ideas of FangorN's music still are nature,fantasy tales, ecology and links to our roots.
      However, Fangorn is well-known on Russian folk metal scene not only by released albums, but first of all – by qualitive and as a consequence by unforgettable live performances. According to critics (both in Russia and abroad), Fangorn’s music is worthwhile example of European level’s folk metal. The band completely justifies its name - as well as the forest from Tolkien's trilogy (namely band named in his honor), music of Fangorn promises a lot of amazing discoveries.
      Melodic and at the same time hard energy of the compositions, the conceptual lyrics - everyone will find under the arches of Fangorn what is meant by the term "real quality folk metal" exactly.
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