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Fimbulvet - Heidenherz (2CD-Digi)

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Fimbulvet - Heidenherz (2CD-Digi)
Fimbulvet - Heidenherz (2CD-Digi)
FIMBULVET were founded in Thuringia / Germany in 2003. After their „Gjallarhorn“ demo (2004) the band released their official debut „Ewiger Winter“ in 2006. Two years later they came back with their second offering „Der Ruf in Goldene Hallen“. These two albums can justly be considered to be milestones of the German Pagan Metal scene. Einheit Produktionen now re-releases them in a beautiful Digi-Pak. This re-release also includes four newly recorded bonus songs, which are only available in the package. #### Press Quotes: LEGACY: "Only a few bands offer this much charm and sheer joy of playing as FIMBULVET!" (Jonathan Jancsary) #### EISENBLATT: "Great cross section of 13 years of band history ! These Pagan Metaller from Schmalkalden / Germany should not only be known to genre connoisseurs." (Hendrik Rosenberg) #### EVIL ROCKS HARD: „You should not waste any words on this band and its skills, that´s a given. Very gratifying release, because these albums were very hard to find for quite some time. Now is the time to catch up.“ 10/10 points (Carsten Rothe) #### EARSHOT.AT: „This musical journey into the past of FIMBULVET gets to be very interesting. It becomes clear quite a few things were different and the 2008 album was a development to a different direction, which was more or less kept until today and gained lots of positive feedback for the Thuringian boys live onstage. Anybody who does not only want to dive into their recent albums, but check out the early beginnings, „Heidenherz“ is heartily recommended to you ! “ (Elisabeth Eichmüller)

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