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Folkearth - Songs Of Yore (CD)

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Folkearth - Songs Of Yore (CD)

1. In An Emerald Garden
2. Warrior Heart
3. The Purest Breed
4. Father Of Victory
5. The Iron Wolf
6. Remember Hastings
7. The Will Of Odin
8. What Glory Remains
9. The Forlorn Knight
10. Charles Martel
11. Homus Paganus

This is the fifth overall project for this international folk/metal ensemble. Bringing together many musicians across countries and continents and boasting a wide array of styles that cover the folk spectrum from almost every possible angle, this is one very interesting effort indeed. Here a conscious effort is made to explore the acoustic side of folk music, meaning that gone are all the metal elements and what we’re left with is a highly focal on vocal album with embellishments provided by many diverse acoustic instruments like acoustic guitars, cellos, celtic harps, violins, accordions, whistles, flutes, bodrans, mandolins, banjos, clarinets, galician bagpipes, soprano recorders and recorders

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