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Frozen Ocean - Natt Over Meg (CD)

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Frozen Ocean - Natt Over Meg (CD)
 Final chapter of the "Norse" Trilogy, "Natt Over Meg" is devoted to
mighty DARKTHRONE and expressed the same crust influenced black metal
with a bit stronger touch of punk. Straight-out and nonchalant
primitive aggression, able to crumble the ice armour of northern seas
with a single strike, alternates with sorrowful and quaintly melodic
slow digressions that freeze all feelings for a short while and obduce
the listener with dormant beauty of Norwegian nature tempered the
black rebel souls of still invincible Fenriz and Nocturno Culto.
16 terse anthems full of night coldness; 34 long minutes full of
tempered hate; 0 vain doubts and reminiscences to fashionable metal
of nowadays.
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