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Grimner - Blodshymner (CD)

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Grimner - Blodshymner (CD)
Viking Folk Metal aus Schweden !!

Grimner’s first full CD blodshymner fits the vikings perfectly. Powerful dark music with strong lyrics and a joyful undertone. The first song gives one the feeling as though you are there at the field of battle, fighting for your clan’s survival. The other tracks are quite more relaxed, but gave up nothing in power. Every song has a heart, and you can feel it when you listen to this.
What I think is most wonderful in Grimner’s music is the use of authentic musical instruments. It combines sweetly next to the powerful metal. This isn’t just an album by Vikings, it’s an album about every aspect of Viking life. The battles, the feasts, life itself, you get an insight in life through music and song, the power, straight into the heart of their beloved Valhalla. For sometimes the gods of ancient times aren’t forgotten, and receive praise from the mortals.
This band is quite a success, and though I’m still a pipsqueak when it comes to folkmetal, yet I must say I’m quite fond of these guys. Why isn’t Sweden any closer to Holland, for I long to hear them play…(folk-metal.nl)

01. Dom Över Död Man (Doom Over Dead Man) 01:09
02. Blotet (The Blót) 04:48
03. Färd (Journey/Passage) 06:29
04. Ett Likbål För Den Tappre (A Pyre For The Brave) 06:38
05. Skogsdömd (Doomed by the Forest) 05:32
06. Forna Dagar (Days of Yore) 06:03
07. Mot Jotunheim (Towards Jotunheim) 04:50
08. En Saga Om Underjorden (A Tale of the Underworld) 06:55
09. Ättlingars Klagan (Descendants Lament) 06:47
10. Hinn Heiðinn Siðr 02:48

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