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HAGL - In the Heart (DigiCD)

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HAGL - In the Heart (DigiCD)
4-panel digipak, 16-page color booklet, limited to 500 copies

Casus Belli Musica presents the long awaited third full length album of Tver based black metal barbarians HAGL – "In The Heart". The album was created in accordance with traditions of melodic black metal – in the aggressive, fast and epic way. The group develops the best ideas of the previous album and experiments with acoustic guitar and synthesizer parts, that makes their new album more versatile, but at the same time recognizable and understandable. The lyrical component became even stronger, having created the magnificent combination of heroic poetry and music.

Worm Gear Zine (USA)
Ave Noctum (UK) - 7.5/10
Badass And Grimness (USA) - 7/10
OccultBlackMetalZine (USA)
NecroWeb (GER) - 7.5/10
Metal Wave (IT) - 75/100
Medazzarock (GER) - 9/10
Black Metal Roundup (UK) - 6/10
Ondes Chocs (CAN) - 6/10
Vaskarc Rock & Metal Fanzine (HUN) - 8/10
Concrete Web (BE) - 82/100
Destructive Music (US) - 7/10
Metallized (IT) - 73/100
Mondo Metal (IT)
Peter Loftus - IMHOTEP (NO) - 4.5/6
Aristocrazia Webzine (IT)
Atmosfear (UA) - 8.5/10
НеФормат (RU)
Arte Metal (BR) - 8.5/10
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