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Hagbard - Rise of the Sea King (CD)

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Hagbard - Rise of the Sea King (CD)
FOLK METAL aus Brasilien !!

Sometimes Folk Metal really can surprise us all, and in Brazil, it’s growing more and more, and faster as some never saw before. And as one of the Brazil’s greatest names is, without doubts, the sextet from Juiz de Fora (on Minas Gerais) HAGBARD, who comes with their first Full Length, “Rise of the Sea King”. It’s a mix of extreme grunts with good musical arrangements, some folkish chants here and there, fusing weight, aggressiveness and elegancy. Along with these vocal elements, we can hear great guitar works, a strong and well worked rhythmic basis and very good keyboards playing. And we can hear some violin in some songs, in a delightful work, indeed. (Metal Temple.com)
1. Eulogy of Ancient Times
2. Warrior's Legacy
3. Berserker's Requiem
4. Mystical Land
5. Let us Bring Something for Bards to Sing
6. Sail to War
7. March to Glory
8. Hidden Tears
9. Dethroned Tyrant
10. Until the end of day

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