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Haspyd - Bureviy (CD)

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Haspyd - Bureviy (CD)
Pagan Folk Metal aus der Ukraine

Band's statement:
"Our debut disk has incorporated the best songs and became the summary of the five-year existence of the team. Some of the songs included in our debut LP-disk you have already heard on the last year's EP "Ridna Zemlia", and some of them are absolutely new. Among the interesting things that we have prepared for you on this disc is completely overwritten and re-arranged our first song "Zatoplena Sich", and our version of the classic Norwegian melodic death band’s Amon Amarth song «The Pursuit Of Vikings».

A super sound engineer and guitarist of the .krab band Igor Korzhov was responsible for the sound of the album in the recording process and the talented illustrator Sergey Kochmar created for us a colorful 12-page booklet and artwork."

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