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Istapp - The Insidious Star (DigiCD)

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Istapp - The Insidious Star (DigiCD)
Das 4te Album der schwedischen Black Metal Formation!
Ever since their formation in 2005 in the South East of Sweden, ISTAPP deliver brilliant masterpieces of noble Melodic Black Metal and celebrate majestic uplifting Scandinavian art. Impetuous wildness meets highly melodic aesthetics strikingly harmonious! "Kraftvoll!" - Earshot.at, 6/7 "Arm yourself with everything you need to face the snow, the storms, the winter and the night!" - Metal.it (I) "Ein unfassbar großartiges Album, voller unerwarteter Wendungen, einer Vielzahl von musikalischen Überraschungen und einer kompromisslosen Härte!" - Zephyrs Odem, 9/10 "Definitely recommended to the lovers of winter and this genre!" - Tempelores.com (NL) "Another masterpiece in the outstanding Istapp catalog!" - Angry Metal Guy (UK), 4/5 "Iciness pours from 'The Insidious Star' like mist across a bog." - GBHBL.com (UK), 9/10 "Ein stimmungsvolles Black Metal-Album, stilbewusst komponiert!" - Stormbringer.at, 4/5 "Avery accessible record but Istapp also knows how to crush you with ice-cold, harsh black metal." - Lords of Metal (NL), 78/100 "Alles andere als die Höchstpunktzahl bei diesem Kleinod des schwarzen, melodischen, ergreifenden Metal wäre blanker Hohn!" - Heavy-Metal.de, 10/10 "Enjoyable, efficient and competent!" - Ave Noctum (UK) "Songs mit magnetischer Kraft!" - Bleeding4Metal.de, 9/10 "Stolze Erhabenheit und knallharte Tempoattacken gehen auf diesem Werk eine berührende und mitreißende Fusion ein." - Nocturnal Hall, 8.5/10 "Erstklassiger Melodic-Black-Metal!" - Metal-Only.de, 9/10 "Beautiful melodies and great songs!" - Inferno Magazine (FIN) "Fascinating from start to finish!" - Musika.be (B), 95/100 "Melodiöse Hymnen!" - Legacy, 11/15 "'The Insidious Star' definitely has set the bar very high for all other bands of this genre for this year!" - Voices From The Darkside "Overall, there's a diversity in sound here which impresses!" - Metal-Temple.com, 8/10 "An authentic and powerful album!" - Metallian (F), 4.5/6 "A lot of the music brings in a good amount of 90's influences! Great!" - Occult Black Metal Zine (USA), 8/10 "Epic and melodic!" - Metalbrothers.es (E), 8/10
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