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KURGAN - And Green Grasses Are Freezing Slowly CD

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KURGAN - And Green Grasses Are Freezing Slowly CD
Fiercest hymns of unsilent storms! Fine folk melodies filled with increasing assault of black metal. "And hordes of winds and storms born right behind", green grasses tremble, old oaks rustle. Pagan heart begins to pound - almighty Gods of the Slavonic Pantheon are awoken in this music of ancient greatness and harmony.
Classical black metal sound in the veins of early works Satyricon and Immortal meets atmospheric and folkloric parts. But there is an unique sense of the melody, an unique sound. Vocal uses not only screaming, but also low growling and clean voice singing. Songs are written in Russian and Ukrainian to honour of great Gods and the native land.
Label Gardarika Musikk represents you the album "…And Green Grasses Are Freezing Slowly".
It’s a Masterpiece.

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