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LESHAK - Chertovorot (CD)

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LESHAK - Chertovorot (CD)
Folk Metal aus Russland .
LESHAK is an ancient spirit of sombre mysteries of avital Russia. The project put down roots in cold winter of 2006. The interest in mythology and dark sides of slavonic culture enabled Redgoat to create this band whose musical part is full of slavonic melodies, which are closely intertwined with brutal riffs of death metal as a basis. Cover artwork by Alex Vietar (Svartby, Saltvind).

01. At Sundawn
02. Firtree's Bark
03. By The Paths Of Leshak
04. Chertovorot
05. Shulikuns' Dances
06. Dark Forests Are From The Land Up To Sky
07. Sunset
08. Was Wollen Wir Trinken

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