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Vermilia - Keskeneräisiä tarinoita (CD)

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Vermilia - Keskeneräisiä tarinoita (CD)

Selfproduced - Limitiert auf 300 Stück!

“Vermilia’s music combines the use of clean AND harsh vocals, sung in Finnish, with pure and exhilarating black metal in the style of Under the Sign of Hell-era Gorgoroth, Bergtatt-era Ulver, - Decibel Magazine

”This is an incredibly impressive album from a new and unsigned artist. More people need to know about this act and get excited about it.” 9.5/10 - Metal Injection

I'm quite certain that the inspiration for this album came from nature because it really takes you there.” 100/100 - Encyclopedia Metallum

”Keskeneräisiä tarinoita is a record to be taken seriously from an artist who needs to be taken seriously. Given that it’s only just over 20 minutes long, it packs a great deal in and leaves you feeling like you want to go round again. Unexpected and extremely welcome listen.” 9/10 - Chained disintegration

“Overall, however, it is unlit beauty that grows from a cauldron of doom riffs and thumping ritual. It soars and then it falls like the human spirit and leaves the listener with an overriding sense of loss. And the need to hear more.” 9/10 - Cvlt Legion

If you are in the market for a heavy and yet quite melodic and atmospheric release, Vermilia is a one-woman project to keep an eye out for. Definitely recommended for fans of WITTR, Bloodthorn, etc. 92/100 -Infernal Masquerade


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