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Vike Tare – Feed The Flames (CD)

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Vike Tare – Feed The Flames (CD)
VIKE TARE were founded 2003 near the Frisian North Sea coastline. In the next year the debut album “The Tide of Revelation” was already self-produced by the band for a release in the spring of 2005. After numerous shows in the northern German region, the band was put on hold in 2008 due to time constraints. At that time the material for a second album was mostly written. 2013 the band got back together to completely work out the unfinished treasury of songs. The second album “Feed the Flames” came to life at NordVrost-Studios and will be released September 2nd 2016 by Einheit Produktionen. Hailing from the North Sea coast, maritime references are a crucial part of VIKE TARE´s lyrics. “Feed the Flames” reflects this by featuring interpretations of German ballads by Otto Ernst (“Die späte Rückkehr - Die Geschichte von Nis Randers”), Detlev von Liliencron (“Trutz, Blanke Hans!”) as well as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (“Der Fischer”). #### Press Quotes: LEGACY: “With a fresh and exciting concept these Frisians storm back into the pagan genre leaving the competition behind ! Especially with their lyrics VIKE TARE prove how much potential the pagan genre has. And they leave a mark with a stroke on the kettledrum!” (Jonathan Jancsary) #### HARTE MUSIK: “If only Pagan Metal always was more like this, the genre certainly would have gained more respect. This album is among the best in the past years and anybody daring to use grand lyrics like these must have quite some self esteem.” 5/5 points (Thomas Leinweber) #### EVIL ROCKS HARD: “VIKE TARE’s silver disc sounds far from any cliché and does not employ just one direction or the other, rather the band has created a really nice mix with their compositions …” 10/10 points (Carsten Rothe) #### STORMBRINGER.AT: “You should definitely keep an eye on VIKE TARE.” (Pascal Staub).

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