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Wapenspraak & Drinkgelag - Onder de banier van het gewei CD

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Wapenspraak & Drinkgelag - Onder de banier van het gewei CD
Pagan Trash Metal from Belgium !!
01 - Kjökkemöddinger (intro)
02 - Sakserwoede
03 - Caorthannachs wederkeer
04 - Maansverduistering
05 - Toorn van de groentroon
06 - Puur heidens krijgsmetaal
07 - De gesel van Dodeweert (intro)
08 - ...Als de carnyx schreeuwt
(met Nervische moed doorheen de Samber)
09 - De orde van het zwijn
10 - Wechselbalg
11 - Puur heidens krijgsmetaal (live)
Musically, the KlanKült was originally meant to be a mid-tempo pagan metal-band, influenced by such groups as TUMULUS, SKYFORGER, STORM, ARCKANUM, BATHORY and so on. And the first two songs actually wére “mid tempo pagan metal-tracks”... But quite soon there came a new element in the sound: raw, old-fashioned and in-yer-ugly-face thrash metal. W&D blended the above-mentioned epic, mid-tempo, powerful pagan metal-element with influences from bands like SODOM, RUNNING WILD, CELTIC FROST, (old) UNLEASHED and EXUMER, and created in this way a very own musical style, quite exclusively stamped “Pagan Stormfolk Thräsh Attakk”. The English band SABBAT (R.I.P.) is the only group to be compared with W&D to some extent, but people have said to find the insanity of IMPALED NAZARENE or ABSU in the compositions and the Klan, next to the aggressiveness of old SLAYER and the obscurity of the first two IMMORTAL-recordings. Jolly fine references indeed.

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