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ALESTORM - Live At The End Of The World (LTD/Mediabook DVD + CD)

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ALESTORM - Live At The End Of The World (LTD/Mediabook DVD + CD)
Ltd Ed Mediabook Live DVD incl. Audio Live CD and Extensive Bonus Material in CD Mediabook Format. Live Melbourne, Australia 18.01.2013

Captain Morgan and his crew return from their trip to Australia with a huge treasure in the belly of their ship. "Live at the End of the World" documents their highly energetic Melbourne show which took place in early 2013. Chris Bowes and band present the rabid fans with an explosive best-of set – including such smash hits as "Keelhauled", "Shipwrecked" or "Nancy the Tavern Wench. The Pirate Metal sensation fired from all cylinders and played a show that will go down in Metal history!

"Live at the End of the World" will be released as a Mediabook including extensive bonus material (e.g. tour documentary) and the full concert on a bonus Audio CD – making it the perfect soundtrack for the next time the pirates set the sails!

Pirates down under! Live DVD incl. Audio CD and extensive bonus material!

1. Intro
2. The Quest
3. The Sunk'n Norwegian
4. Leviathan
5. Shipwrecked
6. Over The Seas
7. Midget Saw
8. Nancy the Tavern Wench
9. Pirate Song
10. Back Through Time
11. Wenches & Mead
12. Death Throes of the Terrorsquid
13. Keelhauled
14. Rumpelkombo
15. Set Sail and Conquer
16. Captain Morgan's Revenge
17. Rum
18. Credits

Bonus Material:
"Chunder Down Under"
Documenting the entire Australian tour 48min
In The Navy Music Video
Rumpelkombo Music Video

Bonus CD:
1. The Quest
2. The Sunk'n Norwegian
3. Leviathan
4. Shipwrecked
5. Over The Seas
6. Midget Saw
7. Nancy the Tavern Wench
8. Pirate Song
9. Back Through Time
10. Wenches & Mead
11. Death Throes of the Terrorsquid
12. Keelhauled
13. Rumpelkombo
14. Set Sail and Conquer
15. Captain Morgan's Revenge
16. Rum

DVD Specification:
Aspect Ratio:  16:9 NTSC
Sound: Stereo 2.0
Language:  English
Regional Code: All Regions

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