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Arkona - Slovo (CD)

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Arkona - Slovo (CD)
Die neue CD !
6th Full-Lenght Album from the Russian Pagan Folk Metal Force. The members of Arkona have already managed to make a name for themselves within the pagan metal scene that extends way beyond the borders of their native Russia. Their new album "Slovo" acknowledges their well-earned reputation with outstanding tracks. The band revolving around lead warrior Masha Scream has managed to outshine all past efforts. "Slovo" bundles Arkona's strengths and catapults the band to new musical heights. The foundation of blast beats, double bass attacks, and heavy riffs remain, yet it is the attention to detail that rounds off Arkona's multi-faceted sound. Folk melodies, complex vocal lines and choruses, clean vocals and growls, orchestral passages, and authentic instruments (violins, flutes, etc.) serve to embellish "Slovo". The diversified end result features epic ballads and heavy folk-oriented tracks bound for certain glory at upcoming live performances. Masha's solely Russian lyrics add a hardened, yet melancholic touch to this latest work. Once again, Arkona has chosen master illustrator Kris Verwimp (Vintersorg, Månegarm, Thyrfing,.) to design the album's artwork. "Slovo" is an album full of highlights destined for yet another impressive victory on the pagan metal battlefield.

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