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Boisson Divine - La Halha (CD)

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Boisson Divine - La Halha (CD)
Boisson Divine - La Halha (CD)
If you like your bagpipes spiced up with METAL, you'll want to check out the side project of SKILTRONs bagpiper, Pereg. Boisson Divine

is the improbable and unique blend of Heavy / Power Metal, Punk-Rock energy, traditional instruments of Gascony and Pyrenean polyphonic singing.

Third album of the Gascon Folk Metal band Boisson Divine, this 58 minutes CD is more mature, serious and epic. Staying true to their roots, the band don't hesitate to evolve with new influences finely incorporated : Western movies, Neo-classical, Blues, Power Metal...
This album is a real voyage through the history, the present and the future of Gascony!

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