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Crystalmoors - Circle of the five Serpents (DigiCD)

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Crystalmoors - Circle of the five Serpents (DigiCD)
Celtic Pagan Metal aus Spanien!

The band doesn’t waste any time in introducing their style of music to the listener, with opener Greyland Labaro immediately displaying a heavy folk emphasis in the band’s music, with the various acoustic and folk instrumentation that are utilised. And even as the track finally begins proper, the pagan feel is still rather strong, especially with the riffs that are unleashed by guitarists Faramir and Erun-Dagoth. Their lead playing styles also stick rather closely to the folk metal traditions, with little flamboyance, instead choosing a somewhat more melodic style in reinforcing the entire mood of the music. The synths of Aernus are also constantly present at the background providing the ambient, resulting in an epic-sounding record, and the fusion of all these various instrumentations make it sound like a blackened version of folk metal bands like Tyr and the likes. And for some reason, the sound of the drums on the record also manage to create a rather epic feel, especially with the high mix of the bass drums, sounding like war drums.


Heavy Metal Tribune - 80/100
ZwareMetalen - 80/100
Metal Soundscapes - 8/10
Pitchline Zine - 8/10
Atmosfear Magazine (UA) - 8/10
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