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Dagorlad - The End of the Dark Ages (DigiCD)

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Dagorlad - The End of the Dark Ages (DigiCD)
Describing these guys is not too easy. They play a folky, keyboardy variety of blackish Death Metal with cool riffs, symphonic instrumental passages, and a lot of narration. This is broadly similar to bands like Bal-Sagoth or Summoning, but not as bombastic as the one and more focused than the other. "The End Of The Dark Ages" has the same excellent riffing and cool melodies as the "Herald Of Doom" stuff, if not quite as good. There are excellent songs on here like "The Cauldron Of Death" and "Sul Dahr", but this is a concept album, and it really plays better as a whole, as the album has a very unified sound and sense of cohesion. Beyond the lyrics telling a story, the music itself tells a story without needing words. Dagorlad are very good songwriters, and they have only gotten better since this CD was released. They lean a bit heavy on the narration, but then I'm not really a fan of narration. Considering the shoestring this was recorded on, it sounds really very good, with a nice thick guitar tone. The drums are a machine, but they don't sound overly fake. Dagorlad are one of those odd bands that either grab you or they don't. I have been grabbed, and so I am happy as a clam with this CD in my player, and it will be awhile before I'll be able to pry it out. Dagorlad are just cool, and if you like your music fantastical and a little strange, then grab this CD if you can find it. (metalcrypt.com)

Track Listing:

    Sul Dahr
    The Revelation Of Mallek
    The Cauldron Of Death
    The Bull Of Itaros
    Neflit, Demon From The Depths
    The Warriors Of The Ancient Battle Of Suljin
    The March of The Dead
    The Holy Battle Of Vorneas

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