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Draugul - Tales of Loot and Plunder (CD)

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Draugul - Tales of Loot and Plunder (CD)
Epic / Viking Metal aus Malta -
Engaging with atmospheric keyboards providing a triumphant padding to a glorious black metal attack. The guitar riffs are very tight, they have a great sense of drive behind them which really keeps the listener engaged as they spin the record time and time again. Draugul has clearly evolved since The Voyager (As great as that record is) into a veritable otherworldly force. Tied to the glorious metal of yore and times forgot, Tales of Loot and Plunder will capture the heart of any metaller who loves bands like Summoning… (twoguysmetalreviews.com)
01. Furore Normanorum II
02. Plundering Ilkolmkil
03. Dubh Linn
04. Lodbrok
05. Från Sfärerna Av Asgard
06. The Conquest of Jòrvik
07. Vengeance for Faith Renounced
08. Anno Domini 991
09. Svoldr
10. Hardrada
11. King of a Stellar War

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