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THELEMA - Eldur og Is (CD)

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Art.Nr.: CD in 7" size !
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THELEMA - Eldur og Is (CD)
THELEMA - Eldur og Is CD
CD in 16-page booklet in 7"-size / Ahnstern

The soundtrack for a incredible tour around Iceland, accompanied by the Icelandic singer Steindor Andersen, well known for his collaborations with Sigur Ros and Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson (HÖH). This album carries you from the deepest vulcanos to the biggest glaciers, guided by catchy music that varies from traditional Icelandic folklore to Epic soundscapes. sometimes the music is rough and wild, sometimes it's smooth and dreamy, just like the country it tells about. The 16-page booklet shows incredible pictures of the Icelandic landscape, shot by the band in 2004 and 2005.

ATTENTION: this Thelema is NOT the italian Wave-band! "our" Thelema is the solo-Project from STURMPERCHT / SOULSEARCH / MAGDALENA - member Hajü. Thelema exists since the early 90ies and in the last 15 years he played several live shows in our region and he released many tapes and CDRs, but all were extremely limited and most of them are soldout.

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