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Vogelfrey - Wiegenfest (CD)

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Vogelfrey - Wiegenfest (CD)
Vogelfrey - Wiegenfest (CD)
Vogelfrey stands for a sophisticated, self-contained mix of medieval music,folk, rock and metal. Called folk metal! Founded in spring 2004 Hamburg/Germany, the band has played many venues in locations across Germany and several open air festivals with bands as Corvus Corax, Schelmish or Haggard. The band performs with authentic ancient outfits and cheerful show-interludes. The lyrics include all kinds of shades, melancholic, funny, gloomy or meaningful, according to the various types of songs. Elements of different styles are artfully integrated in the unique sound of Vogelfrey. Pounding metal, sweet-mystic ballads, straight rock, powerful folk-punk & more.The medieval rockers also fascinate people who usually do not listen to music of this genre.
The long-awaited debut album „Wiegenfest“ will be released in winter 2010.
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8/10 points (the-whiplasher.at)

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