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Abyssmal Sorrow - Abyssmal Sorrow DLP (2xLP)

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Abyssmal Sorrow - Abyssmal Sorrow DLP (2xLP)
9 Tracks of raw, depressive Black funeral doom on double LP, limited 300 units.
89:15 minutes of flesh carving misery released soon in december 2014 through EE-Records

Side A:
Bound in Lifeless Affliction 09:14
Requiem for the Dying Moon 10:47

Side B:
Cavernous Sorrow and Worthlessness 05:55
Echoes Through the Fields of Death 09:23
Austere Lament Part One 06:53

Side C:
Austere Lament Part Two 12:21
Rotten 13:29

Side D:
The Stone Pages 07:09
In Misery There Can Be Comfort 14:04
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