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THE COMMITTEE - Memorandum Occultus (LP)

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THE COMMITTEE - Memorandum Occultus (LP)
 Das Layout is s/w, das Vinyl ist schwarz ... kommt mit 16-Seiten Booklet und 180 Gramm Vinyl.

"Memorandum Occultus" features 6 weapons of manipulation of large masses of people ranging from the least effective to the most effective and destructive. It is a roadmap and a crash course in enslavement of millions and maintaining a strict dictatorial control. It invites you to travel through the centuries and develop a methodological view of the events around ourselves and their subsequent interpretation.

1.     Dead Diplomacy - Weapons of War     08:41     
2.     Synthethic, Organic Gods - Weapons of Genocide     07:01     
3.     Golden Chains - Weapons of Finance     10:27     
4.     Treacherous Teachings - Weapons of Religion     09:14     
5.     Flexible Facts - Weapons of History and Chronology     09:58     
6.     Intelligent Insanity - Weapons of Methodology and Duality     08:45     
Total:      54:06     
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