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Celtachor - Nuada of the Silver Arm (CD)

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Celtachor -  Nuada of the Silver Arm (CD)
Celtachor -  Nuada of the Silver Arm (CD)
The concept for the second album deals with the Life and Death of the High King Nuada, the arrival of the Tuatha Dé Danann to Ireland and the first and second battles of Magh Tuiread. The artwork was once again painted by the band's drummer Anais Chareyre, it depicts Nuada, the king, and his people staring into the Fires of Teamhair at the creation of the Silver Arm, near his great hall at Tara. In the flame's the faces of Fódhla, Banba and Ériu looking over the creation of the arm.The Kingship returning to Nuada. The band have been working hard since 2010 melding the influences of black, doom, folk metal into one unified force. Inspired by Irish Mythology and its sagas, Celtachor hope to cover new ground in 2015 and spread their message to Europe and beyond, reciting the ancient tales of Ireland in their own voice and way.

Irish Blackened Folk Metal played from the heart with no half measures

"Heartfelt passion! Definitely not an album to be missed!" - Battlehelm (UK)

"'Nuada of the Silver Arm' is decidedly Irish - standing proud and defiant!" - The Metal Observer (USA)

"CELTACHOR manages to mingle their Irish heritage with extreme metal in a credible and authentic way!" - Ragherrie (NL), 79/100

"The band is fusing black, celtic and doom metal! A good album with a good sound - crude yet audible!" - Xreem Music (E)

"Keep an eye on CELTACHOR as well if you like Primordial, Mael Mordha, Cruachan and Waylander!" - Rock Tribune (B), 8/10

"Properly powerful!" - Lords Of Metal (NL), 80/100

"An interesting mixture - more than nice to hear!" - Aardschok (NL), 78/100

"“The ‘Silver Arm’ is flexing its sonic muscles, ready to bear its might on the ears of willing listeners worldwide. Bravo, CELTACHOR - and cheers to an ace album!” - Metal Temple (GR), 8/10

"Intense and determined! Ireland has long wanted heirs to Primordial!" - Metal Ireland (IRL), 4,4/5

"A great album, full of excellent material! 'Nuada Of The Silver Arm' has not lost any of the magic of the first full length!" - Folk-Metal.nl (NL), 9/10

"Rousing Celtic metal - a fusion of Irish folk, doom and black metal! Brilliant!" - Keys and Chords (B), 4/5

"A powerful, epic and proud album! Majestic!" - Metal Maniac (BR), 9,7/10

"Celtic Metal with remarkable instrumentation!" - Queens Of Steel (E)

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