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Helfahrt - Drifa (CD)

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Helfahrt - Drifa (CD)
Helfahrt (translated "the journey to Helheim and the land of the dead) stands for atmospheric but agressive Black Metal/Pagan Metal in the vein of the 90ies, combined with a portion of grooving Rockn..Roll as well as atmosphere and melancholy. The contents and lyrics of the five ambitioned musicians from Munich, are basically about desperation, sorrow, death, life as well as a metaphorical view upon the germanic mythology and customs of the cultures of the alps. In January 2009 the band was touring for three weeks through nearly whole Europe together with Odroerir and Gernotshagen. The third full album of Helfahrt, "Drifa" will be released in april 2010!!

Metalglory.de 8,5/10
Legacy Magazin 13/15
Rock Tribune 78/100
N-Metal 9,5/10
Folk-metal.blog.de 14/15
WeRock.se 7/10
Schwermetall.ch 10/13
Rock Hard 8/10

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