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Ignis Fatuu - Neue Ufer (CD)

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Ignis Fatuu - Neue Ufer (CD)
Ignis Fatuu - Neue Ufer (CD)
Celebrating fastidious Medival Rock now a days, far off known bands, that have defined and revolutionised the scene, truly is not an easy task.To furthermore invent something genuinely new is even harder. Ignis Fatuu manage the challenge in their very own way: The band does know how to embed medival sound in modern sound and thereby creates its very own music. Influenced on the one hand by punk, on the other hand in large parts by the driving Hard Rock of the late 80s and early 90s, the band again and again pulls the audience into their spell. The program is of such versatility that it meets any kind of music taste, from soft ballads over fast rock to hard metal sound. The long desired debut album. “Es werde Licht” – let there be light – came out in November of 2009. One thing is for sure: This album goes straight to the ear and is a must have for everybody, who enjoys hand made Medival Rock!!!

Metalmessage.de 9/10
The Whiplasher.at 10/10
Legacy Magazin 11/15
Dark-Festivals.de 8/10
Legacy Magazin 11 Points
Sheol Magazine.com 8/10
Stormbringer.at 4,5/5
Obliveon.de 8/10

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