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Ragnaröek - Dornig (Digi CD)

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Ragnaröek - Dornig (Digi CD)
An echo comes out of the fog, a burst out of burning arrows. The waiting Herold on the shore to the rough see…He knows that he is not a pedant. No, battle-tested knaves captured a lot of booty.
RAGNARÖEK comes back from an epic wayfare to pick up all listeners to the next journey. This trip will go from this mortal world into a world of lost souls, through worst taverns, beds of predatory princesses and up to the stairway to heaven to give them hell while the devils is looking slobbering to his balls. After a ten years hike DORNING is the third silverling coming out of band of chumminess. Old myths merge with powerful brew to the 13 latest songs. The stories tell from the enormous hunger and fight of live which breaks hearts and screams in pleasure. Narrated stories with raspy voice accentuated by steel-hard guitars and heavy drums. With the sweetness of themedieval thunder bag a high water of pure joy of playing comes up. Serious waggishness spread over the darkest recesses and fellows will recognize the new-born opus of the hard rocking band – DORNING appears musically and lyrically grown without missing the tried and trusted. So lay back, close your eyes and open your ears. Welcome to the DORNING’-world – climb aboard and join us for  a great cruise!!!

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