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Wulfgar - Midgardian Metal (CD)

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Wulfgar - Midgardian Metal (CD)
Wulfgar - Midgardian Metal (CD)
Scream-throat Emil Augustsson, lead guitarist Jimmie Mattisson, bass guitarist Morgan Löfstedt and battle-drummer Thommy Lindskog gathered their Swedish Viking souls in 2005 in Kristianstad-Sölvesborg. Furthermore pure and brave done Epic Viking Death Metal style should it be from now on, and the ambitioned horde had no inner rest since then. After some first celebrated stage-attacks Wulfgar recorded a first – and pretty successful – demo-disc, which got the comprehensible title „Hate For Mankind” stamped. As a strong follow-up to their second demo these grim Nordic bunch of aggressives then worked out their grand debut album release „With Gods And Legends Unite” – a truly thundering collection of outstanding Nordic hymns in best Amon Amarth tradition, brave played already with immense power and enthusiasm. Now the Scandinavian Viking Death Metal command sets sails to plunder – with the follow-up album strike „Midgardian Metal“...
And the skilfull Swedish bunch delivers again overmighty Viking Death Metal compositions at it’s very best! Timelike more seriously than ever before, the strong connected band marks their next logical solid step in their well running career with these immense contentful output. Great mastered by sound engineer Christian Silver from Studio Mega. The epic songs on „Midgardian Metal“ easily crush every wall into half. 2010 is the year of Wulfgar therefore, so get truly prepared for a real stunning experience of triumphal power of noble Nordic steel! „Go berzerk!“ they arrogate brisk, and in fact these highly talented Swedish Viking Death Metal masters deliver pounding Nordic hymns which rub your mind easily.

...What Wulfgar does, they do it excellent and this ten new Viking anthems can be sung along loudly with our fists raised into the air, while enjoying loads of great guitar skills... I can easily recommend this album to all fans of Amon Amarth (and those are numerous) and I give clear field to these Vikings to conquer the world. (lordsofmetal.nl) 85/100

Metalmessage.de 9/10 points
SG-Records 10/10
Bleeding4metal.de 9/10
Folkmetal.at 11/15
Metal-district.de 9/10
Heavyhardes.de 5/6
Metallized.de 8,5/10
Legacy Magazin 12/15
Obliveon.de 9/10
Bloodchamber.de 7,5/10
Kristianstadsbladet.de 4/5
Powermetal.de 7/10
Rock Tribune 82/100

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