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Thorondir - Des Wandrers Mär (Bundle)

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Thorondir - Des Wandrers Mär (Bundle)
Thorondir - Des Wandrers Mär (Bundle)
Thorondir - Des Wandrers Mär (Bundle)

Bavarian Pagan Metallers THORONDIR finally return with their third longplayer after a long break!
"Des Wandrers Mär", the band's first ever concept album, will be released on April 19th via Trollzorn. It tells a coherent story about a fictional world on the edge of the abyss, musically accompanied by majestic, atmospheric Pagan/Black Metal.
Cover: Jan Yrlund / Darkgrove.net (Korpiklaani, Manowar, Tyr, etc.)
1. Prolog
2. Rache durch das Schwert
3. Fenriswolf
4. Dunkle Zeichen
5. Thoron
6. Tiefe Narben
7. Den Göttern zu Ehr
8. In der Weite ein Licht
9. Das Totenheer von Barathir
10. Durch des Adlers Augen
11. Schwarze Flut
12. Berserkerwut
13. Epilog

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