Tuatha De Dannan

Tuatha De Danann - The Tribes of Witching Souls (CD)
Metal Temple.com 10/10 – Masterpiece! - Having special guests that are known as Martin Walkyier (the founder of SKYCLAD and the godfather of Folk/Pagan Metal) on the vocals on “Your Wall Shall Fall” (an aggressive song, with excellent Folk elements in the middle of the guitar riffs), NERVOSA’s singer Fernanda Lira on the vocals of “Tan Pinga Ra Tan” (a classic song of their first album that here is in an introspective and orchestral version), the EP is amazing. Along with these two above, the other best ones: “The Tribes of Witching Souls” (that is a song in the traditional way of the band, bearing a fine mix between Heavy/Power Metal melodies with Folk/Celtic elements), the modern energy of “Turn”, and the introspective and charming “Warrior Queen”. And as bonus tracks, the Demo versions for “Rhymes Against Humanity” (that is from 2004) and the instrumental form of “The Tribes of Witching Souls”.

Metal Observer.com 7,5/10

"Diese keltisch-folkloristischen Klänge kommen geradewegs aus Brasilien ins
Haus geflattert - definitiv interessant!" - Metal Hammer (DE)
"Gute-Laune-Folk-Party-Meisterwerk!" - Legacy (DE), 12/15
"Festive, celtic and joyful!" - Kaosguards.com (GR), 17/20
"Diese Sause macht Spaß!" - Streetclip (DE)
"'Tribes of the Witching Souls' shows that Tuatha De Danann still have place
in Metal world and that their work is unique!" - Metal Temple (INT), 10/10
"Overall, Tribe of Witching Souls is a great album!" - Folk Metal (NL), 8/10
"If you like bands like Cruachan and Elvenking, Tuatha De Danann is the band
for you!" - Metalstorm (INT)

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