BLOOD TORRENT veröffentlichen Cover, Tracklist und Releasedate vom kommenden Album „VOID UNIVERSE“

Das Album erscheint am 08.04.2022 via Trollzorn Records.

Trollzorn proudly announces the new full-length release of German Black Metallers BLOOD TORRENT!“Void Universe“ will be released on April 8th 2022. Blood Torrent was founded in 2005 and have developed an own individual style during the years. They fuse their Black Metal sound with progressive elements and influences of classic Hard Rock and Punk. After several self releases, the band now presents their new album via Trollzorn Records, offering a natural sounding recording, especially considering the drums and guitars.“Void Universe” is not a concept album itself. However, there is a recurring theme within its lyrics: it is about the argument of self-extinction within the Fermi paradox. It raises the question of what would happen if society could start again.

Erster Songoutput „THE COSMIC BREAKDOWN“ gibt es hier als Lyricvideo:


  1. The Renascence
  2. A Knowledge of Light
  3. Decay and Transformation
  4. The Cosmic Breakdown
  5. Elemental Scorn
  6. Necromass
  7. Raised Knives
  8. Phantom Propaganda
  9. Prisma
  10. The Strive

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