BLOODGUTTER – New Record Deal!

Trollzorn – Label News‼️We are proud to announce another record deal❗️

Danish Death Metal band Bloodgutter have signed to Trollzorn Records❗️Hailing from Silkeborg/Denmark and formed in 2019, Bloodgutter is the result of four good friends wanting to play some nasty music together and that being despite of quite notable musical differences. Musically the band is inspired by a vast array of bands, but sonically they have often been described as a bastard mix of Entombed and Obituary.

Bloodgutter are:

Mikkel Lau (Fordærv)

Martin Sørensen (Dawn Of Demise)

Bjørn Jensen (Dawn Of Demise, Temple Of Scorn)

NP Nielsen (The Kandidate)

Welcome to the Trollzorn family!!! Cheers!😊🤘

„Rot awaits“ OFFICIAL LYRICVIDEO on YouTube:

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