Modern Death Metal (GER)

7th Abyss
Genre: Modern (Death) Metal

"The music hits like a hurricane of driving power and ferocity!" - Brutalism (NL)
"Interesting musical ideas, good technical skills, energy and freshness!" - Kvlt (PL)
"Tight material, full of different elements! This is definitely a band to check and keep an eye on!" - Ragherrie (NL)
"Death, Thrash, Core and melody - a successful mix and somewhat explosive! Great debut!" - Iyezine (IT)
"Aggression, melody, catchy choruses!" - Ultraje (POR)
"A great and top-level mixture of styles!" - White Room Reviews (NL)
"A good and modern sounding debut! Impressing guitar work!" - Musika (BE)
"7TH ABYSS  sonically give the listener a lot of ideas to latch onto! Potent music!" - Eternal Terror (NO)
"Wer auf Modern Metal mit einer Prise fettem Todesblei abfährt ist bei den Deutschen sicherlich an der richtigen Adresse!" - Swiss Attack (CH
"A very interesting band creating a cool mixture of styles!" - Metalbrothers (E)
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